Above, is a show reel of all the aerial footage Eye Film produced this year. Aerial filming offers a unique perspective that cannot be obtained in a typical way. To further the services that can be offered to our clients, Eye Film have formed a new partnership with Extreme Video (EV) to use drones to help capture spectacular aerial footage and photography. This service enhances what Eye Film already offers in terms of filming high quality visuals and our ability to tell a story.

The UAV’s (drones) used are operated by an experienced, BNUC-S (1st class) qualified remote pilot and an Eye Film remote camera operator. A live video stream to the ground means that if necessary, you can direct Eye Film in order to gather the specific shots that you need, framing the shot during the flight for ultimate accuracy.

The UAV is a self-contained unit, meaning that Eye Film have the ability to film absolutely anywhere with no restrictions. Additionally, Eye Film own all of their own power supplies for charging batteries, which means we can be ready to film in a matter of minutes – saving you time and money.

Eye Film can also provide aerial inspections/surveys and photography, which can create savings, in terms of reduced equipment downtime and equipment hire, as well as improving aspects of health and safety, sending the UAV instead of an employee hundreds of feet up a structure.