BBC1: Wild Weather

Eye Film co-produced this BBC TV documentary that looked at how the East Anglia region was affected by 2012’s ‘wild weather’– from drought one minute, to floods the next. The half-hour programme looked back through the ‘wild weather’ headlines of 2012 and investigated the science behind the extreme weather. Using BBC archives, presenter Julie Reigner reminds us that 2012 was a year of weather headlines. We had the driest January since 1921, the coldest night in thirty years, and the first Anglia Water hosepipe ban in twenty years. Crops and wildlife hung in the balance- then were deluged by   the wettest April in 100 years and the wettest July on record. Tornados, high winds and flooding wreaked havoc. Then in August East Anglia was the site of the hottest day in the country, followed by the coldest September in the region for a decade. And still more ‘wild weather’ came. It then followed the weather’s trail from field to fork ,with East Anglian businesses and food producers to find out how it affected what we ate that year. We hear from a farmer, grain merchant, miller, bee-expert and well-known jam manufacturers- all with their own, but interlinked, story to tell about the year’s East Anglian weather.

  • Client: BBC1 East