John Peel Record Box

We thoroughly enjoyed filming for the John Peel Archive on its Record Boxes project. The aim of the project was to invite six guest curators to John Peel’s house and follow them for a day as they pick out a record box of their discoveries. We produced a documentary about each curators day in the house and our good friends over at Klik put together the virtual record box detailing the days finds.

Don Lett’s Record Box documentary tells the story of the Punky Reggae Party! The mid 70s were a fertile time in British music and as young working class kids were turning towards the emerging punk sound, there was a deeper, bassier vibration that caught the ears too. Don’s box tells the story from his earliest memories of his Dad’s reggae sound system in 1960s Brixton, to his stint as resident DJ at London’s original Punk club ‘The Roxy’. It goes on to tell how this meeting of two unlikely tribes formed a bond that changed the shape of British music and youth culture. During Don’s day at the house he dug out records including a rare promo of the Sex Pistols ‘Anarchy in the UK’ and Augustus Pablo’s classic dub masterpiece ‘Africa Must Be Free by 1983’…

It’s fair to say that shooting on DSLRs in the confined spaces and the low light conditions of a record archive like John’s through up it’s fair share of challenges, so full credit to our camera men for all their hard work! The final results… the filmic, grainy quality of the documentaries really captures the atmosphere of some of those dusty recordings dug out, we hope you enjoy them all as much as we did!

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