The Magdalene Group

Eye Film produced three short charity films to support the work of The Magdalene Group, a Norfolk charity that is dedicated to improving the quality of peoples’ lives through preventing sexual exploitation and coercion. It has been providing vital support to those involved in sex work, as well as offering opportunities for change, since it was born out of the vision of two Norwich Magistrates, Doreen Betts and Doreen Green in 1992. The Group wanted to make the films to highlight how too many young people end up in prostitution because they unwittingly embark upon a relationship with the wrong person. Their Jigsaw Programme is working towards the prevention of exploitative relationships of young people. They work with children and young people from as young as 7 years old up to their early twenties in schools, youth groups, care homes and other settings to alert them to the dangers of exploitative relationships.  The workshops are interactive and can cover topics such as Offline Grooming, Online Grooming and Internet Safety, Healthy Relationships,  Sexting and Cyberbullying. A big thank you has to go to all the wonderful young actors who gave their time to take part in the films.

  • Client: The Magdalene Group