Town Close School: Film Club

Town Close School wanted to start up their own school film club and approached us to spend time giving some of their pupils and teachers some basic film training, as well as some advice on buying the right equipment. Over the course of a half term we held six weekly training sessions with a group of six children and two members of staff , ranging in age from Year 5 to Year 8. As part of the training they chose an aspect of the school that they wanted to make a short a film about and in groups of two or three they researched their project and were able to film the footage they needed. We were able to guide them and train them to produce their own films. The film club was tasked with filming a number of significant events throughout the school calendar and their films were shared on social media and on the school website and Youtube channel. Two of the students who attended the training had their films selected and shown at the BBC Young Filmakers Festival!

  • Client: Town Close School