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For 50 years we've been telling real people's stories

Who We Are

Truth is tough to come by, but we strive to see it in every shot.

Eye Film is a multi-award winning video production company who can bring your story to life. 

We work with brands of all sizes across the UK, telling their story compellingly and with authenticity. Producing everything from social media campaigns to broadcast documentaries.

Our Sectors

Our human stories are rooted in the environment, science and technology, arts and culture, and education.

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Environment, Science & Technology

We’re not scientists, but we’ve worked with a lot of them over the years.

We immerse ourselves in your research and innovations to bring out real stories that deserve to be heard.

We’ll help you clarify your message and present yourself in the best way.

We’ve worked with everyone from small start-ups to some of the largest UK institutions.

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Arts & Culture​

From high wires over cities to shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean, our team got into filmmaking to tell these types of stories.

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We have decades of experience working closely with schools, universities and educational institutions to bring stories to life.

Using our background in documentary, we reveal the heart of your organisation, allowing the audience to connect with your aims and ethos. 

Our Clients

What they say about us

What We Strive For

The camera does nothing without the people behind it.

We use ours to seek out the untold, the undiscovered, the unexpected. To capture people, places and ideas at their most authentic. To document the details, illuminate the unusual, and challenge the status quo. And to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to leave their mark.

Awards & Nominations

Children’s BAFTA Nominated
Best Documentary
Royal Television Society
Craft – Post Production
Royal Television Society
Digital Content
Royal Television Society
Promotional Film
Royal Television Society
Post Production Craft Skills
Royal Television Society
Best Promotional Programme
Business Training Award

Why Work With Us

Authenticity is always our benchmark. 

From a commercial to feature-length documentaries, we love making film and approach every project with the same passion. That means looking closer, digging deeper, and working harder wherever we set up the camera. 

We have long standing relationships with many of our clients and take the time to tell your story in a compelling way, not just an idea that we think would look good.

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