Who We Are

Truth is tough to come by, but we strive to see it in every shot.

In our spare time everyone is a creative, from artists and photographers to DJ’s, writers & designers. As a result, we make creativity our objective, the driving force behind all the work we produce. 


Together we strive to tell stories in the most inventive and innovative way possible. Our aim is to draw out the details and make thought-provoking work. To find your story and portray it in a stimulating or inspiring way.


Collectively, our combined experience has led to us establishing long-lasting working partnerships with brands, broadcasters, schools, organisations and charities.  


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Eye Film





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Our Story

Our founder Frank Prendergast started the company with his friend Mike Coles in 1973 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. After leaving London they found a new base in Eye, Suffolk. And so Eye Film was born, with Charlie joining the team as a partner in 1998.


Although Frank is sadly no longer with us, he still inspires the team every day, in every film we make. Over the years we’ve produced hundreds of hours of film and television content for all the major channels, working with everyone from Sir David Attenborough to Prince Harry and even our hero John Peel.

What We Stand for


We’re dedicated to the pursuit of something real, framing stories that haven’t been told and preferring genuine experiences over smoke and mirrors. That means honest conversations, a transparent process, and a sincere love of the work.


Whatever the project, we have the experience, expertise, and creativity to unearth a spark, inspire awe in the ordinary, and bring ideas to life. Our individuality, professionalism, and eagle eye always shines through, in the way we work and on screen.


Small and mighty, we strive to be a cut above the rest, with practical solutions and professional standards to be proud of. We’re grafters and go-getters – whatever the challenge, we’ll find an angle. 

Our Sustainability Approach

authentic storytelling fuels our mission for change.

We integrate eco-conscious practices across operations, championing initiatives to preserve our planet. Through compelling documentaries, we spotlight environmental issues and inspire action. We prioritise green energy, encourage sustainable commuting, and minimise paper waste with a digital-first approach. From energy-efficient lighting to responsible waste management, every step is deliberate. Managing Director Charlie is board member for Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s Climate Leaders, setting an example for others. Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s our shared responsibility. Join us in shaping a greener future through the power of film.

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