About Us

Our founder Frank Prendergast started the company with his friend Mike Coles back in 1973 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. When Frank moved to Suffolk in the late seventies the company came with him. The three directors at that time all lived in different parts of Suffolk so they decided to base the company in the most central point to all of them, which just happened to be in the town of Eye.

Charlie Gauvain (our MD) joined him as his business partner in 1998 and together Eye has produced television content for all the major channels as well as hundreds possibly thousands of corporate films. Very sadly Frank passed away in May 2013 and is greatly missed by Charlie and the rest of the team. Since 2000 the company has produced more than 100 hours of TV content, been BAFTA nominated, won three creative industry awards and a Royal Television Society award.  We have been lucky enough to have worked with our heroes John Peel and Sir David Attenborough and travelled the world.

There’s always a pot of coffee on, so come and have a chat.

Below is a picture of Mike, Frank and Charlie, ‘The Producers’ of the short film Sweets in 1999 

A photograph of Charlie, Frank and Mike, the original team at Eye Film.