The HALO Trust


In 1988, the HALO Trust was founded, with a vision to protect and save lives of the people living in the many countries ravaged by war around the world. We first begand our long lasting relationship with the HALO Trust back in November 1998. Over the past two decades we have been making impactful charity videos to give a direct insight into the vital work undertaken by them to demine areas in order to create safe and sustainable environments in war torn communities.



We spent a day with inspirational female de-miner, Sok Seng. Sok and others make selfless decisions to risk their lives every day in the hope of making their communities a safe place to live again.



On the 30th anniversary of the founding of the HALO Trust, this film was released to showcase the still constant difficulties facing mine clearances in Cambodia. The film also highlighted how demining had created positive progression in communities in Cambodia since the first time Eye Film visited in 1998. “After the mines were cleared I was so excited to walk on my fields without fear….Now I feel safe”



On international Mine Awareness Day 2017, a special event at Kensignton Palace was co-organised by HALO and the Mine Awareness Group (MAG) and was promoted by HALO Trust Patron, Prince Harry. Eye Film produced a short impactful film which was presented at this event which highlighted the struggles and successes of everyday life in countries and communities affected by landmines.



Until 2018, as a result of conflict, the site of the Baptism of Christ, known as Qaser al-Yahud and the surrounding churches and monasteries was heavily mined. The HALO Trust secured approval from the Israelis, Palestinians and various faith organisations to remove the landmines, making the site safe for visitors for the first time in 50 years. This fundraising video was created to raise awareness and attract donations. They need people of all faiths to join them and raise funds to make this very special site safe for all humanity.



In 2016, Eye Film created a short film screened at Kensington Palace for the HALO Trust to highlight International Mine Awareness Day (April 4th) and the UN’s commitment to clear all landmines by 2025