“Cameron created a bespoke training day for me to build on the video knowledge I already had, which improved my confidence and ability. I would recommend Eye Film for training and will use them again if I require any additional training myself “


“We wanted to organise some training in house for our teams around making videos…and to make short videos for You Tube and Social Media about our services such as how to pay your rent, how to reduce energy use around the home etc.”


“Charlie & Cameron came on-site and delivered 2 days of high quality training including a range of tips and tricks in both filming and editing, that immediately improved the content we were producing. The training was also suitable to allow us to pass on this knowledge to a number of people across the organisation, meaning […]


“Charlie & Max threw themselves into the project and worked closely with our students throughout – filming in some very ‘interesting’ situations as they dangled from ropes or balanced precariously with their precious camera equipment in canoes and kayaks! Once filming was complete, they conducted a professional film-editing workshop using some of the many hours […]