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Over the last ten years, the Eye Film team have developed training programmes using our knowledge as professionals of the film and media industry. We’ll turn your team into a working film crew who understands what it takes to produce professional content. We train businesses, schools and individuals, helping them to produce films that tell a unique story and create content on a regular basis.


Learn to make films that make you or your company stand out. We’ll teach you to film, edit and distribute, as well as lighting and interview techniques. You’ll learn how to plan and execute a professional film and make the most of a busy schedule.


workshop package

corporate / academic

Introduction to Filmmaking
A workshop to get you started making films for your company including:
Consultation on equipment prior to training, introduction to filming, recording professional sound and setting up interviews/interview techniques
Time to film interviews & additional footage. An afternoon on editing basics, cutting interviews as well as adding captions & sound.
(This day could also be complemented by an editing workshop or bespoke training day at a later date)
1 day - £350pp + VAT (Minimum 3 Delegates)
Filmmaking Workshop
Everything you need to begin making films:
Consultation on equipment prior to training, planning your shoot, finding & making the most of your Business’ story.
Understanding your camera & getting the best from your equipment. How to plan, set up, light an interview & get the best results from your subject as well as shooting additional footage/audio to create engaging sequences.
Day 2: editing techniques, cutting interviews, colouring footage, adding titles & animating your logo and how to export/upload your film.
2 day - £700pp + VAT (Minimum 3 delegates)
Editing Workshop
Are you already filming for your company but struggling to turn it in to quality results? A full day workshop on editing techniques, covering:
Effective workflows & storage of footage, understanding software, cutting interviews quickly/effectively & how to make a boring interview engaging
Adding additional footage and creating smooth transitions, adding/animating captions, colouring your footage, adding titles and exporting & sharing
(You will need to arrive with the relevant footagefor a 1-2 minute film, ready to edit)
1 day - £350pp + VAT (Minimum 3 delegates)
Bespoke Package
Are you already competent at filming & editing but looking to hone your skills? Or looking to do some one-on-one training at your company? We can put together a training plan to suit your needs. Examples of previous bespoke Packages:
1 day interview masterclass using continuous lighting, 1 day advanced editing, covering editing, colour grading & sound design in detail.
2 day, one-on-one masterclass including working with our trainer as a 2 person crew to film your interviews and additional footage.
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