Eye Film believe every school is truly individual. You may teach the same things but each child's experience is different. We understand how schools work and we can capture what makes you unique, giving prospective parents and students the opportunity to really understand your school.

Eye Film also offers video training packages for both staff and students. Using over 40 years of industry experience we can share our expertise enabling you to produce your own professional content which will develop essential skills and help promote the community of your school.

“Eye Film have been excellent partners for Leighton Park School’s video initiatives over the last twelve months. We were delighted with the first film they made for us; they were very collaborative, extremely organised, excellent at communication, worked quickly and delivered a fantastic film. Most importantly, their work has truly captured the unique characteristics of our school and given prospective families the opportunity to understand so much more about our community. They really understand how schools work and are able to recognise points of difference which, for Leighton Park, has enabled Eye Film to portray on film an engaging, interesting and accurate vision of our offering.  Following the success of the first video launch, we were keen to reach potential boarders and Eye Film were able to combine interviews that we filmed ourselves with spare footage of the school they had leftover to create a great boarding video at an extremely reasonable rate. Eye Film have been a pleasure to work with and I am so glad that we chose them for our school video.”

Emma Randall, Marketing Manager, Leighton Park School