So Close, So Different

This has to be one of the great perks of working in video production, travelling to such beautiful places as the tiny Channel Island of Alderney to make a promotional film. This project was a real team effort, flying over for three days of filming in conjunction with Alderney TourismThe Alderney Wildlife Trust and Be a Tiger Ltd. The goal, to use a video production to highlight Alderney as a place to visit as well as its part in the pioneering Living Islands initiative, which has been created in conjunction with the British Wildlife Trusts as a unique way of seeing an island community living in harmony with its natural and historic heritage. There are events and guided tours going on throughout the year. Charlie went out and about gathering vox pops about the island for, a website established to encourage us all to get up and move over there… anyone else tempted?

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  • Client: Visit Alderney