Dynamic Print

Barney Philips, director of Dynamic Print, has had an affinity with 26 little letters since he began his career in foil-printing in 1985.  In this promotional video Barney guides us through the endless possibilities that ‘type’ can offer and Eye Film captures Barney’s individual motivations and reasons behind his choice to continue the art of foil-printing, in an ever-increasing digital age.  

Shot over a couple of days, Eye Film created an inspirational, emotional and sincere portrait of Barney, from both a professional and personal perspective; captured out on his bike as a way to consider and harvest his creative visions and reduce stress, as well as situated within his place of work, physically expressing the tactile nature of his relationship with foil-printing. 

Type is the second video Eye Film have created for Dynamic Print and acts as a perfect example of the innovative and imaginative filming techniques the team have to offer.

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  • Client: Dynamic Print