Invented In The East

The East of England is a region shaped by water. Not surprisingly the inventions emanating from this part of the country have a correlation with the stuff, either from the benefits it affords or the tragedies it causes. Making Waves is the story of human ingenuity, out of which a flood protection invention was created, secretly in the back of lorry; the world’s most effective dirty water filtering system designed by an Essex man; in the 19th Century a Norfolk man is regarded as the founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the inventor of lifesaving apparatus that is still used today the world over; and the Hovercraft, a celebrated and at times ill-fated British invention conceived in a Suffolk stately home.

Led by Aarathi Prasad, Eye Film uncover the characteristic dichotomy of madness and genius that all of the featured inventors seem to possess – driven by a resolute devotion to their inventions.  As Aarathi meets both those who worked with these creators, and the creators themselves, one can begin to piece together, just how these creative brains have shaped our relationship with water and in many ways, have become the pioneers of life-saving equipment in our modern day society.

Filmed on both dry land and aboard ship with the Caister Lifeboat crew on the North Norfolk Coast, Making Waves is a fascinating documentary, shown on BBC 1 in June 2017. Watch it on the BBC iPlayer.