Leighton Park

The Leighton Park School has a unique quality that is hard to put into words.  Eye Film had the freedom to be creative and produce a script and film that would best convey the essence of the school.  Eye Film spent a day filming with actual students, deliberately chosen to capture a genuine, natural enthusiasm for Leighton Park School.  A few more days filming followed to capture aerial shots, before some innovative editing techniques to create a slick final film full of creative transitions.    

We were thrilled when the film won Best Promotional Programme at the Royal Television Society East Awards 2017. Headmaster of Leighton Park, Nigel Williams said 

“I was eager to work with Eye Film, as the family team had a very clear vision about what they could offer us and a willingness to explore and understand the unique set of values that make Leighton Park School so special. I am delighted with the film and very excited about the thoroughly deserved award.”

Client: Leighton Park

Camera & Editor: Max knappen
Exec Producer: Charlie Gauvain