In Summer 2017, Petersons and Veolia accepted its first offshore structure into its Great Yarmouth decommissioning facility and wanted a decommissioning film to document the process.  The Shell Leman BH platform, which was previously used as living quarters for Leman personnel was filmed by Eye Film as it arrived in its two counterparts; the topside and the jacket, both of which were to be dismantled and fully recycled on the Quayside.

Using a combination of aerial and UAV shots, ground filming and time-lapse photography, we created a short film capturing the process of the decommissioning of the gas platform over the 3-4 month period.  The final film was an impressive display of the scale of the operation and the intricate processes behind the decommissioning and recycling of each piece of the platform, from its arrival from the sea to the felling and deconstruction. 

This film was commissioned by Petersons for use on their website, social media and to form part of an energy decommissioning conference in 2017.