Princess Helena College

Princess Helena College (PHC) wanted us to create for them a fun and exciting school film, something that would capture the imagination of prospective parents and pupils and entice them to come and visit this amazing school. The school is a hidden gem, tucked away in the Hertfordshire countryside and they realised that video could be the ideal way to raise the school’s profile.

Our creative team came up with the concept of animating the positive attributes we don’t see. With careful planning and a close working relationship with the marketing department at the school, we were able to complete all the filming in two days, requiring one visit in the summer term and one in the Michaelmas term, to capture all the footage we needed.

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Client: Princess Helena College

DOP: Max knappen
2nd Camera: Louis Atkins
Animation & Editor: Louis Atkins
Producer: Annu Kolthammer
Exec Producer: Charlie Gauvain