Nominations for RTS East Awards 2019

We’re proud to announce we’ve been nominated for five awards at the 2019 Royal Television Society East Awards. The 4 films nominated range from animation, brand film to documentary style. We loved creating each of these and look forward to seeing whether we get the chance to celebrate these with their very own awards. We’re up against some incredible work from other regional companies in the East, so fingers crossed! The winning films will be announced at a ceremony on the evening of Thursday 14th March 2019 at NUA.

Last year we won Best Post Production Craft Skills for our film Unseen with BiOrb, check out our ‘winners’ blog from 2017 when we won Best Promotional Picture here.

Tia’s Story

Tia’s story: RTS Nominated for Digital Content

Tia’s story is one of three very personal films. These films were created for The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG). The film uses an anonymous woman’s real story highlighting and promoting awareness of the injuries that can happen to women during childbirth such as anal sphincter tears.

The Quest for his Majesty’s Silk: RTS Nominated for Factual Programme

The Quest for his Majesty’s Silk follows restoration weaving company, Humphries Weaving. It follows them as they began a major silk restoration project for The Saloon Room within the Brighton Royal Pavilion. Humphries Weaving became historical weavers turned detectives to try to recreate the missing Robert Jones’ original textile-design for the Saloon. Which had vanished without a trace…or so they thought!

The Quest for His Majesty’s Silk
Brighton Pavilion
The War Years

Alderney – The War Years: RTS East Nominated for Factual Programme

Alderney: The War Years is one of a three-part series about the Channel Island of Alderney during its occupation in World War Two. The island of Alderney homed the only concentration camp on British soil (Lager Sylt). As well as three other large slave labour camps. This documentary features interviews with those who lived through these traumatic times. It includes those who were affected by the occupation, from historians to Alderney evacuees and occupiers. And even includes those incarcerated in the islands horrific slave labour camps.

Humphries Weaving: RTS East Nominated for Promotional Film and Production Craft Skills

We loved working with the incredibly skilled team at Humphries Weaving. They are well-known for their historic restoration work. We really enjoyed getting to learn all about traditional fabric weaving. As well as being able to get a first-hand view of capture each fine detail behind this ancient weaving process.

Humphries Weaving